Akai Katana

Pixel Perfect: Cave shooters offer a unique blend of action and 2D art that can’t be found in other games. With three different modes of play, fifty achievements to unlock, a training mode, online leaderboards, and video replays, there’s no reason not to add Akai Katana to your collection. If you don’t already own Akai Katana, then you should.

XLC Gaming Network: Traditionally, these games were made to make you part with all your quarters in arcades with attractive visuals and challenging gameplay, which Akai Katana has in bucket loads.

Genuine Gamers: “BUY” serves as a strong example of the modern bullet-hell shooter (or at least one that should resonate more easily with the west), with plenty in there satisfy genre fans and more than enough to excite newcomers, especially if they make a little effort it takes to learn how scoring works.

V3tro: Akai Katana is another bullet hell masterpiece from Cave and one more reason why Rising Star Games deserves the support of European gamers.

This Is Xbox: Worthy of your cash – most definitely, the game is not priced as a full retail title, so if you’ve been interested in grabbing Akai Katana for yourself – go for it!

Capsule Computers: Akai Katana is a fantastic home conversion of one of the best shooters produced by Cave. The actual game itself is a fine example of how to make a superb scrolling shooter with all the traditional elements that characterize the genre while having the same demeanor and polish of a title that is modern and relevant.

Gaming Lives: Genre experts can add or subtract to that score depending on their own experience and knowledge of the in-depth nuances of the Cave brand, but novice and casual players will find Akai Katana to be a challenging but fair, game that will test their skills. It surpasses any horizontally scrolling shoot ’em up on the system.

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